Crack Sealing

Even under the best conditions, there is still a chance of asphalt cracking. When cracks do occur in the asphalt surface, having them professionally repaired in a timely manner is critical to ensure the longest life possible from you driveway/parking lot.

What is involved in Crack Sealing?

  • The crack is cleaned of foreign debris and vegetation (if there is excessive vegetation in the crack, it should be sprayed with some time of weed killer 1 week prior to the repair).
  • If needed, the crack may be routed out to ensure the sealant can properly reach into and adhere to both sides of the crack.
  • Depending on the conditions, base material may be added to the bottom of the crack. 
  • The crack is sealed with a hot pour crack sealant specially formulated for repairing cracks in asphalt.





What can happen if I don't have cracks repaired?

  • Water can enter the crack and freeze. When the water freezes, it will expand and put additional stress on the surrounding asphalt leading causing the crack to grow both longer and wider as well as potentially stress the surrounding surface enough to cause new cracks to form going off the original crack.
  • With the normal movement associated with asphalt, the sides of the crack can rub against each other causing expansion of the crack as well as lead to failure of the surrounding surface with chunks breaking loose.
  • Vegetation can grow up through the crack which not only will it lower the aesthetic look of the asphalt, the vegetation can grow and expand which can cause further failure of the asphalt surrounding it.